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Welcome Guests! We book online at our Booking Site. There, you'll find our Booking Calendar and best rates available directly from us. If you prefer, we will gladly enter your order and can help by telephone. We are generally available after Breakfast Service (around 10a), and before we collapse (around 5p). If we're busy helping another Guest, please leave a message, and we'll get it after 3p. 1-707-677-0840

Booking Calendar - Check broad date ranges for availability on our mobile site calendar. You can also book individual rooms (one-at-a-time per reservation). Chat Message us to book multiple rooms for you, or to check on current reservations: www.hotel-trinidad-california.com

Check-in 3pm (15:00) Check-out 1pm (13:00) If arriving later than 3pm (15:00), please call around noon on arrival date 1-707-677-0840

Reservations require a 2 night minimum?!! Wait what? Haha kidding, we don't require extra days - ever! We also don't jack up rates on holidays or busy weekends.


Payment Policy

All booked reservation payments are non-refundable and due at booking. Trinidad Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel does not accept cash or cheque for payments. Bookings paid with valid VISA and MasterCard preferred, and direct invoicing may be arranged. Card used for purchase may be required at check-in. Cardholder must be a Guest. Please note that a valid photo ID will be required at check-in and a copy may be retained on file. Please telephone: 1-707-677-0840 or you may book and pay online from our booking page.

Daily Room Rate is based on double occupancy and includes Breakfast Service at 8:30am and a NON-REFUNDABLE $150 SERVICE FEE for each booked day. City bed tax of 10% will be added and charged at booking. We charge full payment at booking. Full daily room rate charged for each day cancelled, changed, and for no show arrivals after 6pm (18:00), unless prior arrangement has been made per our policies.

All rates and restrictions are subject to change without notice here. Please txt or phone 1-707-677-0840 before booking, if you are unsure of our policies referenced here.


Change/Cancellation Policy

The room type and rate selected are non-refundable. Should you change or cancel this booking reservation for any reason, your payment will not be refunded.

No Show arrivals after 6pm (18:00) are treated as Guest cancellations, unless prior arrangement has been made per our policies.

Credit Requests require advance notice. Notifying us a week before booked arrival date is required to receive any credit consideration for changes and cancellations. NON-REFUNDABLE $150 SERVICE FEE will be subtracted from each Daily Room Rate changed or cancelled. Service Fee pays booking costs such as bank and card processing fees, contracted services, order management, and any commissions we paid for your booking.

Policy Exceptions for changes and cancellations confirmed within 7 days of arrival, at Owner discretion. NON-REFUNDABLE $150 SERVICE FEE will be subtracted from each Daily Room Rate sold. Guest must complete process within 7 days after departure date for consideration. 1. Contact Us - Call and we will release the booked rooms for sale. For your security, we will also require a followup email after your call. 2. Check Back - You will be responsible for checking back with us, after your booked days, to initiate any credit.

We will issue credit towards rebooking or as a refund credit to your original payment choice. Due to your credit card and processor requirements, we may not be able to issue credit as a refund to your card. Due to their restrictions, we may have to wait 120 days from your purchase date to issue a different form of credit.

To maximize your credit, please call as soon as your plans change. For your security, we require you phone and then email all cancellation or change requests. 1-707-677-0840

COVID-19 Crisis Cancellations: please see Covid-19 Update Statement



Check-in around 3p. We request after 3p. arrival arrangements be made in advance. Without such arrangements, rooms may not be held after 6p and no refund will be issued.

Check-out around 1p. Relax, you don't have to be out by 11:00a like some hotels.

Restrictions: Due to guest allergies, pets cannot be accommodated, and smoking only outside please.

Nearest Airport: Arcata-Eureka Airport in McKinleyville, 10 minutes from Trinidad via CA Highway 101. Rental cars available at the airport, or schedule us to pick you up for free!

Driving to Trinidad: Portland 8hr, San Francisco 6hr, Sacramento 6hr, Grants Pass 3hr, Redding 3hr, Mendocino 4hr.


Rights and Restrictions

The Trinidad Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel shall have the right to claim to Guests for compensation for any damage incurred arising from or in connection with willfulness or negligence on the part of the Guest.

The Trinidad Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel may refuse accommodation when there is any justifiable reason.

Refusals of Accommodation are treated as Guest cancellations and are subject to our Change/Cancellation Policies. Reasons for refusal include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. When the Hotel is requested to assume an unreasonable burden in regard to the person’s accommodation; 2. When the Hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural disasters, malfunction of the facilities and/or other unavoidable causes; 3. When the person seeking accommodation is deemed liable to behave in a manner that will cause serious annoyance to other Guest(s) of the Hotel; 4. When the person seeking accommodation conducted himself/herself in a manner that causes serious annoyance to other Guest(s) of the Hotel; 5. When the Guest allows any visitor who is not a Guest of the Hotel into his/her guest-room.

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